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    Artist Chris McMahon buys other people’s landscape paintings at thrift stores and puts monsters in them.

    Previously: Artist Repaints His Own Childhood Drawings

    All he did was make them better

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    Get to know me - Favourite films [3/10]
    ↳ Pacific Rim (2013), dir. Guillermo del Toro

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    We’re the freakin’ guardians of the galaxy!

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    donna noble alphabet


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    I, Anya, promise to love you, to cherish you, to honour you, but not to obey you, of course, because that’s anachronistic and misogynistic and who you do you think you are, like a sea captain or something?

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    So imagine a Harry Potter TV series but BETTER than Game of Thrones because seasons 1 and 2 would be Founders, 3-5/6 would be Marauders, 6/7-13/14 would be the books, and then 13/14-forever would be post-Hogwarts Golden Trio and Next-Gen and it would be absolutely brilliant.

    Why do you place such a glorious dream in my mind… I will accept nothing less now

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    BUFFY REWATCH - one gifset per episode
    7.16 - Storyteller

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    "Underneath the footprints it says “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good” in clear UV-reactive ink"



    The Harry Potter geek in me just freaked out.

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    i still can’t believe peter quill saved the galaxy with footloose and friendship

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    Landscapes, 2014 | by Anthony Samaniego

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    You’re gone, gone, gone away
    I watched you  d i s a p p e a r
    All that’s left is the ghost of you

    Now we’re torn, torn, torn apart,
    There’s  n o t h i n g  we can do
    Just let me go we’ll meet again soon

    Now wait, wait, wait for me
    P l e a s e  hang around
    I’ll see you when I fall asleep

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    Wicked songs.

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    willow and oz + reactions when the other says/does something cute

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